Profile picture 1Where are you from?

I was born in the Brittany region of France (Bretagne), and I spent my childhood in countryside Lyon not far from the French Alps. After graduating in Strasbourg, a small city on the border of Germany, I decided to move permanently to Australia in 2006. I am now based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, a rather relaxed place that perfectly suits my love for nature and the ocean.

When did you start Photography?

Like many photographers I used to have a camera when I was a child and I remember being amazed to be able to “capture” whatever I wanted on a photograph. I purchased my first DSLR around the end of 2008, but it is only in 2013 that I decided to take Photography seriously.

How would you define your Photography style?

I don’t think I have a specific ‘style’. Being self-taught and of curious nature, I have been trying a variety of techniques and practising multiple types of Photography (Landscapes, Seascapes, Astrophotography, Wildlife, Portraits, Cityscapes, etc…). In 2016 I took up macrophotography which involves a very different technique altogether… I really admire photographers who specialise in a genre, as it can help them differentiate themselves from the crowd, but one of the things I really enjoy in Photography is the variety of outputs the one tool can create.

What do you enjoy in Photography? 

Beside the diversity of outputs it offers, for me Photography is about connecting with what’s around me. It has helped me be more receptive to things like light, colours, movement, weather, perspective, structure, texture, emotions, etc… In other words, it made me more aware and connected with all the beautiful things around us, whether it is the sun rising, a tiny insect, a storm, a dead tree, a building, a person’s expression, a night sky full of stars, etc… At an age where everything seems to be fast-paced and short-lived, it feels that we have less and less opportunities to stop, watch and appreciate the beautiful world around us… Photography gives me such opportunity. I hope I can inspire people to do the same, and to realise our world is worth taking the time to watch, and worth taking care of… From a technical perspective, I love the fact that in a way the sensor of a camera can see more than the human eye, and I like how I can make a scene look a certain way or an other using different techniques through the camera (varying exposure time, for example).

What gear do you use?

My first DSLR was a Canon EOS 450D with twin lens kit. I upgraded in 2013 to a Canon 5D Mark III and over the years I have acquired a variety of high quality lenses, from wide angle 16-35mm to telephoto 70-200mm, through macro 100mm, and a couple of prime lens. I also have a range of filters: gradual neutral density (GND), polarisers, 10-stop and 6-stop filters. A tripod of course, a wireless remote control, a couple of camera bags, and that’s pretty much it. I always use natural light when I do Photography, but I have a flashlight that was given to me, just in case.

Why ‘4 Elements Photography’?

The Ancient Greeks invented the concept that everything in the world is made of one or more of Four Elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. I like the concept that those four simple elements combined in various ways constitute the complex world we live in. Wether it is the organic or mineral matters of our Earth (plants, animals, rocks), the Water of our Oceans and Rivers, the Air around us and in our sky, or the Fire of our sun, these Elements are often emphasised in my Photography. So connecting my work to those Four Elements felt natural.

Feel free to drop me a line here if you’d like to learn more about my work or simply say hi!

Francois Pecheur